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12 June 2012

Famous footballer continues Hunger Strike

Mahmoud Sarsak, 25, is a professional footballer from Rafah refugee camp. He was arrested about 3 years ago on 22nd July 2009 on his way to to join National Football team for a match in Balata refugee camp, West Bank. At Erez checkpoint he was arrested by Israeli Occupation and transferred to Ashkelon prison. 

Without any charge or trial, Israeli held him in prison under " Unlawful Combatans Law" which means the prison service has indefinite period for detention and this is truly unfair for him and his family which also banned to visit him in West Bank because all Gazans are not allowed to enter West Bank for a visit in prison. Until today, Mahmoud Sarsak has entered his 84th day on hunger strike and transferred to Ramleh Prison Hospital due to his critical health condition, he can die at any moment but he insists just to tell people the unjustice law against him. He didn't even know why he is being held in prison. 

Caring and curteous people are showing their solidarity in support of his hunger strike by organizing football friendly match to represent Mahmoud Sarsak position as a proud professional footballer. His family has not visited him since he was captured. 

a match being held in Gaza to show support

Reported by : Shahera Rahimi.

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